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BSI Cleaning Services is meeting the need of the times we are in. we worry about cross contamination during the cleaning process. We understand that these days sanitization is very much as important as just the general cleaning.

Edmonton Cleaning Services knows that we are human and we can miss things along the way, so we have implemented a quality assurance program with random testing to assure that you are getting the value you deserve.

A lot of accidents happen due to lack of training on the right way to do things and policy to assure that our cleaners are at optimal peak performance for the best results of the job. Our cleaners sign our Health and Safety policy manual and they are trained on how to avoid accidents and what to do if one happens.

Our Mantra

BSI Cleaning Edmonton mantra is “Honest Services @ Honest Prices”. We believe in doing an honest job day in and day out and providing our services at an honest price. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is the result of honesty.

Our Attributes we bring to each is what separates them apart. Cleaning in general:
  • Our Cleaning Company use the microfiber color coded cleaning method to avoid cross contamination as we are cleaning
  • BSI Cleaning Services uses a color coded gloves method to avoid cross contaminations we are cleaning
  • BSI Janitotial Services uses a focused hygienic approach to our cleaning programs and after cleaning.
  • BSI Cleaning Services uses Hepa filter vacuums, cleaning the air as we clean.
  • BSI Cleaning Services has qualified trained Quality Assurance team to audit work after the cleaning is completed
  • BSI Cleaning Services train all cleaners in the Health and Safety policy manual and Audit them monthly.
Quality Assurance Program
  • Cleaners have a job specification checklist that they must adhere to and sign off on after each clean and hand into management staff.
  • Quality assurance team have job specification sheet they must sign off on that all works were completed to BSI Standards
  • Corrective measures are handled the same day as the clean, and signed off on by Quality assurance manager
  • Reports are monitored daily
Health and Safety Policy
  • Training on WHIMIS
  • Training on Health, Safety and Environment objectives, targets and improvement agendas, Also Reporting accidents, incidents, corrective and preventative action
  • Training on emergency preparedness
  • Training on Safety Lifting
  • Training Personal protective equipment
  • Training on Proper waste management
  • Adhering to BSI Cleaning Services Mission
Our Edmonton Cleaning Company is always trying new innovations in cleaning solutions and equipment and are always utilizing the best equipment and solutions for the job. Our competitors may come in and do cleaning, however they take the time to understand the office environment, probably not. Do they understand that there needs to be cross contamination measures in place as well as sanitizing measures? , probably not. Do they have a quality assurance team in place? , probably not. Is their customer service always having to apologize for inefficiencies in their cleaning? Probably.

Cleaning, at its finest.

A Cleaner World

BSI is passionate about protecting the environment for the next generation. We require that all of our janitors complete their cleaning duties using only state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cleaning products (including recycled paper products) approved and furnished by our office. They must also use tools and equipment approved or supplied by us to ensure the complete quality of the services provided.

We only use eco-friendly cleaners

Green Works Products

We love the environment. We want to do our part to keep it clean, and you can too.

Visit greenworkscleaners.com and help us save the environment.

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